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        Guangzhou Kaiheng K&S CO.,LTD

        Guangzhou Kaiheng K&S CO.,LTD

        Guangzhou Kaiheng K & S Co.,Ltd. an affiliated company of the group,is a major supplier of heat shrinkable tubing offering good-quality products at competitive price.We manufacture and distribute a broad range of heat shrinkable tubes,PVC tubes. Trademarked as KOSOO,our products include:UL YDPU 2/8 PVC flexible tubing,special PVC flexible tubing,various elastomer tubing and PVC shape materials,PP,PE,TPU and other special tubing.KOSOO products meet international standards such as UL,CSA and certified to ISO 9001 quality standard.The products are widely used in automobile,electronics,food,telecommunications,shipbuilding, appliances and various mechanical industries.


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        Add:NO.148,Chang'an,Guangshan Road,Huangpu District,Guangzhou,China


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