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        Guangzhou Kaiheng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified group primarily involved in the research and development, sales and production of new polymer materials, heat shrinkable tubing, cross-linked special wires and cables, PVC tubing and other electronic products. Our company enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful surroundings.

        Covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, our factory is composed of modern standard plants, office buildings and R&D centers. Since our establishment, our group and our underling companies have kept up a strong development momentum by adhering to the corporate tenet to have good faith and be united, to stick to our words, to succeed with science and technology, and to keep abreast of the time.

        We have a strong technical team consisting of professors, experts and engineers of profound background, and have set up a research and development center on polymer materials on a cooperative basis with the local government. Through both internal development of new solution for tomorrow's challenges and the acquisition of advanced equipment and technologies, we will deliver even more value to our customers. Our expertise in material science, product design and process engineering allows us to develop, manufacture and sell high-performance, superb quality products.


        We sincerely welcome customers from around the world to cooperate with us for mutual benefit


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        Add:NO.148,Chang'an,Guangshan Road,Huangpu District,Guangzhou,China


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